Updates to the Courses

This note Will outline some of the changes to the courses for the Head of the Genesee.

For the Head race we will be using a land based start. The line is located on the east shore directly across from the Scottsville Ministorage. This will be marked by a chute of red buoys leading to a pair of large red buoys at the loaction of the Starter and the Timing Tent. The course itself is unchanged, but we will have additional cours marker buoys and improved hazard marking.

The sprint course remain the same, however the marking will be significantly improved. Both lanes will be marked the entire course with dense markings leading into and out of each of the two turns. Coxswains will need to know their lane and the course in order to give their crew an optimum rowing line. A diagram is given on the Regatta Central web site. A reminder to rowers is that the start line is staggered for each lane to accomodate the bends in the race course. Each lane will be given an individual starting time when the bow ball crosses its’ respecitive plane of the start. The Starter will call paired boats to the start, building to full power as they cross the starting lines.

Have fun, and don’t be late to the start.