Syllabus for Sculling Session

First Class

2 to 3 hours long

  • start with basic review of the rowing stroke and on-water instruction.
  • row up a 250 meter course (canal between graceful bridges)
  • individually, video participants rowing the piece.
  • at the same time, use onboard acceleration and GPS metrics to take data thru the course.
  • individually do a short rowing piece where onboard data is taken intensively of the stroke acceleration, consistence, etc.
  • post row critique the stroke and observations and video review.

After the first day, Video metrics will be used by the coaches to analyze the individual stroke in detail.
Detailed data analysis of onboard data acquired will be used to identify stroke characteristics, good points, points for improvement.
A detailed personal improvement plan will be formulated for presentation to the individual at the second session.

Second Session

privately and individually:
Present results of analysis to rowers, review data, as appropriate for individuals preference, review video.
Present improvement plan, exercises, etc. Model and practice suggestions.

Third Session

Review stroke characteristics and suggestions.
Repeat 250 meter piece data acquisition, compare times, video, data etc.
Offer analysis and continuing suggestions.

Post 3rd Session Summary

– Each participant will be provided with written assessment, quantified changes, documented improvements, and ongoing suggestions for continuing improvement.
– Follow-up metric sessions will be available

Denny Fronheiser
cell 585-469-8416