Boathouse Capital Campaign

We are in the midst of our capital campaign to build a boathouse in Rochester, NY in which US military Veterans will be enabled to row for FREE. Our fundraising goal is $250,000.

Your assistance in making a donation (one-time or recurring) will be valued, put to good use, and be acted upon for the stated goal. RCiR is grateful to all family members and associates of US Veterans who support our mission to honor our veterans with this facility and its free programming for Vets.

Access to an opportunity to build a community inclusive rowing center, where veterans will not pay to row, they won’t worry about the price to acquire an asset like a boat or oars.

We have designed a social enterprise model that will generate funds to keep the rowing center open and available to veterans by charging fees to able bodied rowers and other people in the community.

When you choose to donate to Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing, you’ll be doing more than helping us create a physical asset for our community. You’ll be investing in the lives of people in our community who need help and will be able to come and benefit from your donation.

You can create opportunities for someone else!