Bringing Adaptive Rowing to Rochester

Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing – Capital Campaign


RCiRImg1This is written to introduce the Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing Capital Campaign. The effort has the intent of giving a kick start to providing our community, especially those with barriers physical and otherwise, with a program and equipment allowing access to the sport of rowing. This letter will outline opportunities to participate in a meaningful way in providing the ‘hardware’ of the Adaptive Rowing Effort. Training of skilled coaches and guides is also being done in cooperation with several local associations to interface the people, the knowledge, and the hardware. Please take this time to consider how you may become part of this effort.

Campaign Goals

Our campaign has identified a present need for equipment totaling $ 35,100.00 made up of elements individually ranging from $ 450.00 to $9,900.00. These funds allowed for procurement of equipment to mesh with off-water training efforts resulting in the inauguration of adaptive and inclusive rowing programs culminating in on-water rowing activities in May of 2014.

RCiR Mission

RCiRImg2Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing (RCiR) is a charitable 501(c)3 organization focused on leveraging the world caliber rowing venues of Rochester, NY (The Genesee River and the Erie Canal) and distributing proceeds back into the rowing community to further promote the lifelong sport of rowing. Our regattas are staffed by volunteers from area rowing programs and focused on delivering world class rowing experiences for all.

Additionally, RCiR works to create inclusive opportunities in the sport of rowing in the greater Rochester are by developing and delivering programs in rowing instruction and adaptive equipment to people with barriers to the sport.


Proposed equipment is selected to provide a wide range of options and abilities for rowers of many styles and aspirations. Championship performance will be supported by provision of:

  • A four person shell (Quad) giving flexibility of rowing by multiple athletes, coaches, and guides simultaneously insuring the best in performance, oversight, and safety.
  • Specially designed shells for one and two athletes with custom provisions to showcase the athleticism, courage, competitiveness, and abilities of individual and paired rowers.
  • Elite level shells for single and double competition for athletes who have developed skills to the highest degree, allowing them to showcase what it means to be a champion.
  • Associated oars, electronics, customizations, hardware, and maintenance equipment necessary to support rowing in these shells.

Specifics of Adaptive Equipment

Dedicated adaptive equipment is being sought to be able to provide equipment which can be customized to specific capabilities and specifics of individual athletes. A few examples of applications of use expected this spring include:

  • For vision challenged athletes, use of the double would allow for having a guide rowing in tandem with the athlete. The equipment will be modified so as to provide tactile, audible, and visual identification of boat parts necessary for the most independent use of the equipment possible. All unnecessary protrusions will be eliminated; seat and shoes will be color highlighted, attachments oversized, pinch points and sharp corners eliminated, etc.
  • Athletes with mobility issues (amputees, cerebral palsy, autism, multiple sclerosis, etc.) enhanced stability hull design, stabilizing pontoons, oversized seats, hardware, Velcro attachments, back supported seats, etc. will allow for independent and tandem rowing with assurance, confidence, and autonomy as best suits the athlete.
  • Athletes who will be competing in the stationary seat class of competition will be provided with modified seat and back support as appropriate to allow maximum utilization and display of the individuals’ skills, stamina, and accomplishment.


We are accepting checks and money orders made out to “Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing”

All gifts will be acknowledged on Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing letter head and include our tax id and our EIN number for your records.

All gifts will be held in restricted bank accounts to be used as designated by donors.

Please reference the Equipment listing if you want your donation to go to a specific piece of equipment.

For direct contributions mail to:
Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing
265 Bretlyn Circle
Rochester, NY 14618

Future Goals

Acquiring hardware is necessary but hardly sufficient to provide meaningful and successful competition for special athletes. Programming and development of training methods is being developed in association with SUNY Brockport Adaptive Sports, Rochester Rehab, Genesee Waterways, and other established programs to assure successful attainment of our goals.

Thank You
Your vital participation is required to make our goal attainable. Please carefully consider the impact of your generosity on those in our area who presently are not able to participate in the lifelong sport of rowing and sculling and the lives of rowers and their family members who have barriers to fully participating in our community.

Dennis FronheiserCapital Campaign Chair
Mary BerkBoard Member
Timothy GiarrussoBoard Member

Equipment Listing

Giving Item Listing

Choice # Item Name Description Cost
1 Adaptive Single Single for adaptive instruction and independent racing $3,700
2 Oars for Adaptive Single Concept II Ultralite Oars $525
3 Competitive Single Concept II Ultralite Oars $4,100
4 Oars for Competitive Single Concept II Ultralite Oars $525
5 Adaptive Double Double for Instruction and Assisted Racing $5,700
6 Oars for Adaptive Double Concept II Ultralite Oars $1,050
7 Competitive Double Double for Assisted Racing $6,000
8 Oars for Competitive Double Concept II Ultralite Oars $1,050
9 Competitive Quad Four-person shell for instruction and mixed team racing $9,000
10 Oars for Competitive Quad Concept II Ultralite Oars $2,100
11 Nielson Kellerman Stroke Coach Stroke rate monitor $450

Equipment Specifics

Adaptive Single – Swift
“Freedom” is the name of Swift’s range of boats that are not designed for conventional Olympic style racing. They think it is a very appropriate name as it includes their adaptive, recreational, open water and touring boats, all of which give the rower the freedom to do what they want. Swift’s adaptive boats are built using FISA’s design for adaptive boats, and have been approved by FISA for use in international competition, giving all levels of athletes a great physical workout in a relatively stable environment.

Competitive Single w/pontoons

Competitive Single with pontoons








Adaptive Double – Swift Freedom

Adaptive DoubleSame stable and durable FISA Adaptive competitive design as the Freedom Single, however constructed for two persons, typically an adaptive athlete and coach.




Competitive Double

Competitive Quad

Concept2 OarThe Ultralite is Concept2’s standard lightweight – all carbon fiber shafts that are commonly used at all levels of rowing and racing today. Over the years Concept2 has refined the construction of this shaft to be as durable as possible. Their Big Blade, the Smoothie2 Plain Edge offers less slip than the Big Blade and stays consistently loaded throughout the drive.


Nielson Kellerman (NK) Stroke Coach
The Speed Coach provides all the information rowers need to train and race effectively.

  • Boat speed through the water is accurately measured and clearly displayed, together with stroke rate and elapsed time, distance or averaged speed
  • The memory feature lets a rower review their performance over a piece or race in detail
  • The display unit is waterproof, buoyant and durable and the speed sensor is low-drag and resistant to fouling